Justin Talbot-Zorn

Justin Talbot-Zorn is Senior Adviser for Policy and Strategy at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. He served as legislative director for three Democratic members of Congress.

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How to Reverse the Trump-Era Brain Drain

Progressives don't have to wait for the next administration to start restoring talent in government. 

Kristoffer Tripplaar/Sipa via AP Images Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington E very day brings new stories of America’s civil service exodus . By last count, the Environmental Protection Agency was down 508 employees since the start of the Trump administration, the Census Bureau lost more than a thousand , and many of the State Department’s most seasoned Foreign Service Officers have departed . There’s also evidence that few are interested in refilling their ranks: The number of Americans applying to take the Foreign Service exam declined by 33 percent last year. As someone who was a longtime congressional staffer, I’ve seen a similar dynamic play out on Capitol Hill. In an atmosphere of gridlock and exhausting reality TV politics, many talented and experienced staffers have decided to take their talents elsewhere. The old D.C. cliché that Capitol Hill is run by 23-year-olds is becoming an indisputable reality. Of all the impacts of the Trump administration’s...